Catch, Photo, release

The  Leigh Marine Marine Mercury Classic, Lake Hume is a totally catch, photo and release competition only, in line with current best practices.

All fish are to be photographed on the event supplied measure mat ONLY. Mats will be available at the event for a deposit of $10.00. This will be refundable on return of the mat in a clean and reusable state. A limit of one mat per boat please. All photos must show the entire fish along with the competitors registration number. Photos need to be time date stamped (to decide winners in the event of fish of the same size). Photos not meeting the above requirements will not be accepted and the fish not entered into the competition.

NO live or dead fish will be accepted at the weigh-in center.

The weigh-ins will be conducted near the official marque at the Lake Hume Tourist park.

Competitors are encouraged to have all the necessary equipment required to take the photo ready for immediate use. This will minimize the amount of time the fish are out of the wa

Golden Perch

  • Golden Perch (Yellow Belly. Callop) are strictly catch, photo  and release only.
  • Competitors are encouraged to carry a barotrauma release weight to aid in the safe release of fish. Information on how to make a cheap and effective release weight can be found in the NSW rules book or click on the following link. http://www,
  • Competitors can only present a maximum of 5 fish per day.
  • Austackle champion angler will be determined by the competitor with the greatest combined length of Golden Perch. In the event of a tie, the first fish measured, as per the time date stamp will be declared the overall winner.
  • Only Golden Perch count towards champion angler.
  • Champion team will be determined in the same way as the champion angler.
  • Only Golden Perch count towards champion team. (Teams are a maximum of 4 competitors.
  • All Golden perch photos are to be presented for verification.

Redfin, Trout and Carp

  • Redfin, trout and carp are all catch and photo and may be kept or released at the anglers discretion. Carp and Redfin are to be dealt with in accordance with the current Victorian guide lines.
  • A running board at the event weigh-in site will be maintained and only photos of fish that will be in the top three (3) needs to be presented to the marshal’s for verification. Photos of fish smaller than those already on the boards DO NOT need to be presented for verification.
  • The usual prizes for first, second and third will still be awarded. A competitor can win only one prize per fish category.

Weigh-in timings

Saturday 6.30 pm until 8 pm sharp

Sunday 1030 am until 1130 am sharp